Bellocq Autumn Woods Collection

We are delighted to offer two of Bellocq's favorite toasty blends lovingly presented in our yellow or silver-plate traveller caddies.  These hand-blended selections are perfectly suited for exploring the magical world on cold, crisp days.  As the snow begins to fall and you gather with family and friends, the Autumn Woods Collection will be a welcome addition to any gathering. Perfect with a plate of ginger cookies or a slice of apple pie. This caddy set makes a wonderful gift and will be presented in a beautiful gift box tied with a ribbon.  Cheers!

No. 54, Gypsy Caravan:  A beguiling blend of organic Indian and Chinese black teas and rambling rose give way to soulful smokey notes suggestive of a distant campfire.  Full-bodied and mellow with delicate floral notes and a wistful, smokey finish.  Gypsy Caravan is well-suited to holiday afternoons in a comfortable chair in front of the fire.
Ingredients:  Organic Indian and Chinese black teas, rose, organic chile.
Package Style, Weight:  One Traveler Caddy, 4 3/4" Tall, 3oz./86g

No. 22, National Parks Dept.:  Hand-crafted blend of full-bodied organic Indian and Chinese black teas, juniper berries, cedar tips and wild flowers.  National Parks Dept. embodies the rugged soulful beauty of uncultivated majestic forests, and is inspired by the perfection that is nature.    Dark ancient woodlands, the quiet snap of fallen twigs underfoot, curls of woodsmoke entwined with resinous notes of pine and cedar.  A blend to enjoy with Emerson under the stars.  Earthy and reflective, the brew produces an amber-hued liquor with a lingering, mellow finish.  
Ingredients:  Organic black tea, organic juniper berries, organic douglas fir tips, and organic blue cornflowers.
Package Type, Weight:  One Traveler Caddy, 4 3/4" Tall, 2.5oz./70g

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