Bellocq 2015 First Flush Darjeeling Collection

This collection of 2015's First Flush Darjeelings has been specially crafted to give you the purest illustration of what makes the first harvest of the year so special to drinkers of Darjeeling teas. This year, we found that each of the classic and clonal lots here presented yield a depth and complexity as novel as they are welcome. Lighter-bodied and beautifully fragrant, these teas have us swooning. We are so pleased to share these fine teas with you. 

2oz of each First Flush Darjeeling are packaged in an atelier bag and sent with care. This collection is offered at 12.5% off the individual tea's price - enjoy! 

• No. 83 Oaks Estate Darjeeling 1st Flush (Classic, 2oz) 

Situated in the Kurseong North Valley near the town of Sonada, the Oaks Estate produces organic tea largely from classic seed propagated China bushes. This gorgeous lot of first flush is wonderfully peppery, earthy, and exquisitely mineral, with a lingering sweetness that yields to delicate notes of wintergreen. A medium-bodied brew with a bit of lively briskness.

• No. 92 Margaret’s Hope Estate Darjeeling 1st Flush (FTGFOP Ch Delight Classic, 2oz)

Also located in the Kurseong North Valley, the legendary Margaret's Hope Estate has been making tea for over 150 years. The sophisticated structure and extraordinary complexity of this first flush tea opens with notes of white grape, orchid, and honey that give way to delicate hints of resinous pine, wintergreen, and tender steamed greens.

• No. 72 Badamtam Estate Darjeeling 1st Flush (Clonal, 2oz)

Tucked away in the Lebong Valley in northern Darjeeling, the Badamtam Estate was founded over 150 years ago. This heady and seductive organic tea revels in its incredible depth. The leaf's downiness gives the tea a lighter appearance than most first flushes, while notes of muscatel, dates, spice, and rose unfurl in the cup.