Bellocq Winter Collection

Warm the kettle, pour yourself a cup and settle in to the soft silence of Winter.  Pale blue mornings anchored with generous mugs of hot tea and crisp, buttered toasts; frost-streaked windows and the delicious snap of a roaring fire far from the howling, blustery gale. The long evenings, the rosiest cheeks peaking out from a cocoon of wool: the pleasures of this season are many.  We are pleased to share this collection of three favorite Winter warming blends:

No. 01, Bellocq Breakfast - A toasty full-bodied blend of organic Indian, Chinese and Ceylon black teas.  Smooth with a rich wildflower honey finish. Delicious with or without milk. 

Ingredients: Organic Indian, Chinese and Ceylon black tea.

No. 42, Little Dickens - A chocolate-kissed children's blend that is loved by all.  Blended from organic caffeine-free South African, fair trade rooibos, soothing mint and cinnamon.  This tea calms jitters, settles tummies and soothes boo-boos. Serve with milk and honey.

Ingredients: Organic caffeine-free South African, fair trade rooibos, mint and cinnamon

No. 18, Afghani Chai - Warm, invigorating and soulful. A rich blend of organic Indian black tea, aromatic ginger, fragrant cardamon, classic chai spices and a scattering of (non-Afghan sourced) poppy petals and marigold. (Hint: we love to simmer our Afghani Chai with a bit of fresh chopped ginger, milk and honey!)

Ingredients: Organic Indian tea, organic red poppy flowers, organic spices.

The Bellocq Winter Collection is a 15% discount over ordering separately!