No. 01, Bellocq Breakfast

Invigorating full-bodied blend of organic Indian, Chinese and Ceylon black tea.  Smooth with round toasted notes of honey, malt and a touch of leather.  Our breakfast blend can be enjoyed as is or with milk and wild flower honey.  One of our most requested blends.


Organic Indian, Chinese and Ceylon black tea.

Brewing Instructions:

Quantity:  1 teaspoon per 8oz/250ml.

Water temperature:  195ºF/90ºC.  Bring fresh, cold spring water to a boil, remove from heat; set aside 1 minute and proceed.

Brewing time:  5-7 minutes.

Infusions:  2

Package Style, Weight:   

Atelier Bag, 3oz./86g;   Bellocq Box, 3oz./86g;   Traveler Caddy, 4 3/4" Tall, 3oz./86g;   Connoisseur Caddy, 6" Tall, 10oz./284g