FREE SHIPPING to the US on Orders Over $50!

Bellocq Tea Atelier is very pleased to offer Free Shipping to the United States on Orders Over $50! Enjoy your tea!

xoxo @Bellocq


Shipments must be sent to an address in the United States. This offer does not cover any return shipping charges. Orders will be shipped using USPS Priority Shipping. All orders must be over $50.00 US to qualify. Separate order values can not be combined. Each order must ship to a single address in the US.



April 17, 2014

hi there, do you ship overseas?

viviane gosselin

January 04, 2014

A colleague of mine gave me an Atelier bag of Bellocq tea (Charleston blend) over the Holidays. I’m usually more of a coffee person but appreciate a cup of tea once in a while. While brewing the tea for friends I was instantly taken by the fragrance and when I tasted it, I realized I had never had great tea before. This is taking me somewhere else! I have been having your tea everyday since “this first time”. I am hooked, in a good way, and look forward to trying other blends. Merci!

Viviane Gosselin, British Columbia

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