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After the Storm: A Time to Give.

November 04, 2012

Bellocq will donate 10% from the sale price of any of our Tea Collections to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief. We will be making these donations for the remainder of 2012.

Throughout the Northeast so many have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. This has been an urgent reminder to all that giving back to the community requires a commitment. While many people have been affected in small ways requiring no great assistance, there are those who have experienced substantial hardships--if not outright tragedy-- and need our help.  We have searched for an appropriate way to reach those in need and have selected the American Red Cross.  Bellocq is committed to assisting those devastated by Hurricane Sandy as well as others in need.

We welcome you to support the American Red Cross and other charitable efforts in your communities. There is always a mission worthy of your support.

We wish you love and comfort. xxoo Bellocq

Hurricane Sandy and Bellocq

November 02, 2012

Hurricane Sandy hit New York City incredibly hard this week. Our tea atelier in Brooklyn is on the first street parallel to the river and we certainly expected and planned for flooding overnight on Monday. We had our friends in the neighborhood check on the atelier throughout the very stressful night. We have been spared by the powerful storm surge that Hurricane Sandy brought to so many in New York City and beyond. We have power, we are dry and our teas are safe. At home and throughout our neighborhoods we lost many beautiful trees but considering the power of this damaging storm we are feeling extremely thankful.

Our hearts go out to all our friends effected by the Sandy who are without homes, without power or recovering from the stress of the storm.

xxoo Bellocq

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