Vogue Wedding Japan - Bellocq Tea Atelier

Bellocq Tea Atelier

Blended Teas are perfectly matched for gifts and desert time.

Bellocq Tea Atelier is like a secret hideaway in Brooklyn, NY.  The owners, who started their careers at Martha Stewart, have created a beautifully refined store and their love and care to their well sourced teas is truly exceptional. The coffee culture is deep-rooted in NYC, however, the founders of Bellocq tea felt the city was overlooking the importance of high quality tea blends.
After they opened Bellocq tea, they sourced exquisite teas in India, Japan, and China and from those high quality pure teas they have created beautiful tea blends each of which are inspirational and storytelling.    
Bellocq's current wedding tea recommendation is "White Wedding”; it’s floral aroma is like a bouquet and the smooth taste lingers wonderfully.  It's the best blend for a wedding gift and for desert time at your party.


Thank you Vogue Wedding Japan! xoxo