Bellocq Autumn Woods Collection

We are delighted to offer two of Bellocq's favorite "cedar snap" and "campfire smoke" tea blends, in tandem caddies, as we welcome back the crisp air and roasted squashes. These hand-blended selections are perfectly suited for a flannel-wrapped stroll through burnt umber, scarlet-tinted forests, and would be a welcome addition to any fall gathering. The caddy set is a wonderful gift for the season - autumn could use the right libations to accompany its many feasts and harvests. 

No. 54, Gypsy Caravan, 86g • A full-bodied, beguiling blend of organic Indian and Chinese black teas, this brew fronts notes of rambling rose that give way to wisps of smoke, suggestive of the campfire in front of you. Both robust and mellow, this is a fantastic tea for out of doors sipping. 

Ingredients:  Organic Indian and Chinese black teas, rose, and organic chile 

No. 22, National Parks Dept., 86g • A handcrafted blend of hearty organic Indian and Chinese black teas, strewn with juniper berries, cedar tips, and wild flowers, this tea hints at the memory of woodsmoke entwined with resinous notes of pine and cedar. Earthy and reflective, we recommend waking up to this tent-side brew or steeping it beneath a clear, starry sky. 

Ingredients:  Organic black tea, organic juniper berries, organic douglas fir tips, and organic blue cornflowers 

Packaged in two of our yellow or blue handcrafted traveler caddies and sent with ribbons and care - each caddy 4 3/4" tall and holding 3oz/86g