Bellocq 2016 Chinese Green Tea Collection

Our 2015 Chinese Green Tea Collection has been thoughtfully selected to highlight three exceptional green teas, each with a unique flavor profile and level of familiarity. The famous Dragonwell, the lesser known Liu An Gua Pian and the relatively unknown Feng Ming Ling Ye. If you enjoy sensorial delights of warm buttered brioche, roasted chestnuts, bouquets of gardenia, tender garden greens, or the diaphanous remnants of campfire smoke, this collection is for you.

1oz of the No. 59 Lion's Peak Dragonwell and No. 75  Liu An Gua Pian, and 2oz of the No. 93 Feng Min Ling Ye are packaged in an Atelier Bag and sent with care. This collection is offered at 15% off the individual tea's price - enjoy! 

• No. 59 Lion's Peak Dragonwell, (1oz) 

Harvested in early spring from Shi Feng or Lion's Peak (the most sought after area for Dragonwell), this pan-roasted green tea is famous for its smooth, vegetal, roasted chestnut flavor. It has a rich, sweet finish and a pale green liquor that reminds one of the mist-covered mountains from which it hails, making this dragonwell a particularly delightful cup.

• No. 75 Liu An Gua Pian, (1oz)

This unique Chinese green tea is harvested in mid April, when the first buds of the tea plant are allowed to mature into young leaves and then plucked.  They are harvested without any additional bud, leaves or stem.  The leaves are rolled in a wok with a bamboo brush, which gives the leaves their lovely twisted shape.  

Wonderfully complex and rich, this tea has notes of seaweed, seared asparagus and osmanthus with a lingering buttery sweet finish.  

• No. 93 Feng Ming Ling Ye, (2oz)

An exceptional, full bodied zhu cha or pearl tea, grown at high elevation in Guizhou Province, this relatively unknown tea has all the flavor expected of a famous tea, but with none of the cost.   Savory and buttery, with notes of autumn squash, toasted sesame cracker and hints of nutmeg and spinach.